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MapPro interfaces directly with your Appraisal Software

Start MapPro directly from the appraisal program’s menus. MapPro is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the new UAD updates!  MapPro will then retrieve all of the following information from the appraisal form:

  • File Number
  • Subject property address information
  • Addresses for comparable sales
  • Addresses for comparable listings
  • Addresses for comparable rentals
  • Borrower and Lender Information

All the addresses retrieved from the appraisal form will located and interactive dialogs will be displayed so that you can correct mismatches in the addresses retrieved.  The Location or Flood Map can be displayed.  Now you are ready to update the appraisal form. The following information can be selectively updated in the form:

  • Location Map
  • Flood Map
  • Environmental Hazards Map (If you have subscribed to this MapPro option)
  • FEMA Flood Hazard Area Fields including Map Number, Zone, and Date.
  • Proximity to Subject for all comparable properties.
  • Census Tract number of Subject property.
  • Corrected address information for all properties.
  • Mapping information (Latitude/Longitude) on all properties.

This entire process can take as little as 30 seconds!

Try MapPro FREE for 30 days and see for yourself!