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Database Utility

The Database Utility is a program integrated into the MapPro software that allows databases to be created or imported and then geo-coded (the process of finding latitude & longitude from the provided address information) to create a custom map layer that may be added to any map. Microsoft Access or dBase DBF databases may be imported. This allows you to see your existing databases in a way you never could before – displayed on a map. Below are some of the major features of the Database Utility:

  • Import Microsoft Access or dBase databases.
  • Create new databases and add property locations to the database right from Map Maker.
  • Modify the database structure – add, remove, or change field definitions in the database.
  • Sort Database in any order to make it easier to find what your looking for.
  • Pack Database to compress database after removing records.
  • Automatic and Interactive Geo-coding sessions to speed up the geo-coding process.
  • Manual Geo-coder to manual place property locations that can not otherwise be geo-coded.
  • Choose from dozens of icons to mark property locations.

MapPro Database Utility
MapPro Database Utility

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