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Software and Map Updates

MapPro provides free annual Software and Map updates to all customers.  New software versions are released periodically as new features are added.  These updates may be downloaded free at any time from MapPro’s Support Web Site (www.mappro.net). This site also contains technical documents on various subjects.

Technical Support

MapPro provides its Customers with free unlimited technical support during business hours.  Unlike many companies, at MapPro you actually talk to a human and will rarely be on hold for more than a couple of minutes.  Our knowledgeable staff can get you back work quickly without spending half your day waiting for help.  Call 713-789-1406 for assistance.

MapPro Remote Login Support

MapPro can login to your PC to fix any problems you may have, show you how to use a feature, or aid with software installation. Click HERE

KnowledgeBase and Learning Center

Click here to download simple how-to guides for MapPro’s most commonly used functions.


Because MapPro is so easy to use, most customers require little or no training. Our technical support staff can walk also you through almost any mapping task quickly. Our Remote Support package allows us to perform any training tasks no matter where you are. From your desk, you can watch your computer as our highly trained support staff will go through all the features in MapPro and show you how to best use MapPro to fulfill your mapping needs. Call 713-789-1406 to schedule a training class.