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How is MapPro sold and what are the costs?

MapPro is sold as a monthly service with no contract required.  The cost is calculated based upon the population and size of counties licensed.  Contact our sales staff at (866) 362-7776 to get exact costs for the counties and options you need.

Licensing Options

MapPro has several different licensing options to fit our customers needs:

  • Single User License – for use on one PC.
  • Additional Single User Licenses – Costs for additional single user licenses are reduced 50-70% depending upon the number of licenses.  The licensed counties do not have to be the same as the 1st user.  This works well when a company has multiple users in different cities or states.  Each user has only the counties they need licensed.
  • Network License – With this license users who reside on the same local area network (LAN) can share from 1 to 99 MapPro Licenses. Most users use MapPro for only a few minutes to an hour a day. The Network License therefore permits all users on a LAN to use MapPro whether there are only 2 users or there are 250. There is a slight premium for the Network License but for most companies this provides the “most bang for the buck” since MapPro is not restricted to one or two computers in the office.
  • Any combination of Single User and Network Licenses – We find some companies need a combination of both Single User and Network Licenses to meet their needs.  Our sales staff can give you a quote for whatever your requirements are.
  • Location Map Package – If you don’t need Flood data, you can buy MapPro with unlimited location map access for a flat price low annual fee.

Map Data Options

MapPro has several different Map Data Options for certain areas:

  • Environmental Hazards Maps – Displays different categories of EPA and state data from hundreds of different databases according to ASTM standards.  This is very valuable information especially if you are dealing with commercial or industrial properties.
  • Aerial Images – Quickly get an aerial view of your MapPro addresses by using the direct integration with Google Earth Pro.
  • Parcel Maps and Tax Data – MapPro has Parcel Maps for a number of counties. This valuable data provides important details on a property such as owner’s name, mailing address, tax id numbers, taxable appraised values of land and improvements, and see what other types of properties are in close proximity.  This data is can be downloaded from MapPro’s Support web at no cost.
  • Topography – MapPro currently has USGS Topographic Maps available for anywhere in the nation. Overlay your sites and use the topographic map contours to view elevation changes

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