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Our Mission

To provide the nation’s real estate and banking industry instant access to critical geographic and location information on the most comprehensive digital maps available.

Company Profile

MapPro, Inc. is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Paul A. Lang in 1994. Mr. Lang, a Real Estate Appraiser in the Houston area for more than 25 years, saw a need to automate the map making process for real estate appraisal reports which was a time consuming cut, copy, and paste process.

After two years of software and data development, MapPro entered the market in June 1995 by offering an dial-up map service to real estate professionals in the Houston area. MapPro offers a unique service by providing an easy to use, yet complete GIS solution using Precisely’s MapInfo Professional as the mapping engine, to create Location Maps, FEMA Flood Maps, and Environmental Hazard Maps for residential and commercial real estate appraisals.

As the MapPro product evolved with software enhancements and more layers of map data being added, it was apparent that the dial-up service would not meet our customers growing needs due to the volume of data that had to sent over the modem every time a map was needed. As a result, MapPro moved away from the dial-up map service and created a CD-ROM based product, which was released in September 1996, with even more software and data enhancements. MapPro now has a very stable bug free product that has become the benchmark in the real estate appraisal industry.  MapPro is very committed to meeting the needs of its customers with many of the software enhancements and more map layers added as a direct result of customer input.

MapPro now offers its product for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

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